TONIGHT: Margaret Killjoy and Noah Beasley

Tonight, and only tonight:

Postcard for February 2010 Art Walk

We'll be hosting a gallery show with Margaret Killjoy (photography) and Noah Beasley (3-D printed jewelry). I'm really excited about this show, as Margaret and Noah are two of my favorite artists and equally stellar people.

Pioneer Square Art Walk
Starfish Studios, 619 Western Avenue, 4th Floor South
Seattle, WA
February 4, 2010, 6-10 pm.

Portfolio work by Marc17, Libby Bulloff, Angel Ceballos, Mearcair Studios, and Bloodengel Photography will be available for viewing and purchase. Facebook invite is here in case you desire to RSPV.

In other photo-related news:


There's a teaser from the shoot I did yesterday with six-foot-tall model/writer Katie Blue, who used the power of the interwubs to find me. We used wheat paste and abandoned books to find her outfit. It's so lovely to get to create temporary couture on strong people who not only tolerate the long hours in pre-production, but also appreciate it.

Makeup + hair by the incredible Lindsey Watkins.
Papier-mâché wardrobe by Lindsey Watkins, Libby Bulloff, and Noah Beasley.
Concept and photography by Libby Bulloff.

Looking forward to sharing more images with you, and experimenting more with natural light and color.

Thank you, and hope to see you tonight at the studio.

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