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We've got a show tonight!

Guest artists will be Levi Stroppel, Annie Wright, Margaret Killjoy, and Andi Dean (photography); Ondine Vivian Eleven (silver jewelry and objects), and Improbable Cog (3-D printed jewelry and objects). Portfolio work by Marc17, Libby Bulloff, Angel Ceballos, Mearcair Studios, and Bloodengel Photography will also be available for viewing and purchase.

Pioneer Square Art Walk
Starfish Studios
619 Western Avenue, 4th Floor South
Seattle WA

October 7, 2010. 6-10 pm.

The gallery opening will be streamed live online at

Hope to see you there!

[Postcard graphic design by me, photo by Levi.]

So, I've been AWOL for quite some time from the long-form bloggity. Let's just say that life got the better of me and thus I've been sticking to instant gratification for my broadcasting, a la Twitter and Facebork. HOWEVER, I have set a goal for myself for July--I intend to do my damndest to write every day. If not here, I'll post to Steampunk Workshop, and if not there, I'll actually sit down and put pen to word to paper in meatspace. I know; it's crazy talk, but I'm gonna try.

I've been really, really busy taking photos with my new camera (!) and editing backlog. I am showing some of my recent work tonight from 6-10 at the Pioneer Square Art Walk (Starfish Studios, 619 Western Avenue, Seattle, WA, 4th floor South by the freight elevator). Here's a wee teaser:

Tomorrow Belongs To MeTomorrow Belongs to Me

Hope to see some of you out tonight, and I'll see the rest of you online, here, tomorrow. <3

One night only, kids:

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Tonight, Anita will be showing her deliciously creepy alchemy shadowboxes in our studio (619 Western Avenue, 4th Floor South). Hope you can come out and take a look--her work is not to be missed.

I will be showing a variety of photographs, including some new ones from the last month of Katie Blue and bellydancer Zoe Jakes.


Thank you!


Super Bowl? What Super Bowl?! You aren't busy with television, really. Get ready to weep for joy and get your butt to Club Motor, 'cause ExoCab and crew will be appearing tomorrow (Sunday, February 7) at Seattle's Mourning Market, which is a FREE craft fair for all things dark, gloomy, spooky, and otherwise ooky. We'll be there from 12-5 pm, at 1950 1st Avenue South (98134).

Besides all the fantastically shiny gothy stuffs, yours truly will have beetle elytra earrings, vacuum tube jewelry, photo prints, and pretty things to attach to your noggin. Joining me will be Noah Beasley of Improbable Cog, purveying metal and nylon jewelry made with love by robots.

I'm also pleased to announce that we'll be vending the first wave of clothing from our upcycled fashion line, Gypsy Mansion.  Noah, Finn von Claret, Bergen McMurray, our gang, and I have been hard at work, sweatshoppin' to bring you one-of-a-kind, hand-sewn, uniquely dyed and embellished clothes in a variety of sizes.

So, come on out and buy something handmade for you or your sweetheart, and do swing by our booth and say hello!



Tonight, and only tonight:

Postcard for February 2010 Art Walk

We'll be hosting a gallery show with Margaret Killjoy (photography) and Noah Beasley (3-D printed jewelry). I'm really excited about this show, as Margaret and Noah are two of my favorite artists and equally stellar people.

Pioneer Square Art Walk
Starfish Studios, 619 Western Avenue, 4th Floor South
Seattle, WA
February 4, 2010, 6-10 pm.

Portfolio work by Marc17, Libby Bulloff, Angel Ceballos, Mearcair Studios, and Bloodengel Photography will be available for viewing and purchase. Facebook invite is here in case you desire to RSPV.

In other photo-related news:


There's a teaser from the shoot I did yesterday with six-foot-tall model/writer Katie Blue, who used the power of the interwubs to find me. We used wheat paste and abandoned books to find her outfit. It's so lovely to get to create temporary couture on strong people who not only tolerate the long hours in pre-production, but also appreciate it.

Makeup + hair by the incredible Lindsey Watkins.
Papier-mâché wardrobe by Lindsey Watkins, Libby Bulloff, and Noah Beasley.
Concept and photography by Libby Bulloff.

Looking forward to sharing more images with you, and experimenting more with natural light and color.

Thank you, and hope to see you tonight at the studio.

Heather, originally uploaded by exoskeletoncabaret.

Bellydancer Heather Pund of Dark Side Tribal, goofing off in my old backyard and Kevin's ridiculous cloak.

Bloomington, Indiana, December 2009.

I am smitten with Heather's absolutely genuine smile. Hearing her giggle is one of my favorite sounds in the whole world. I am blessed to know her even if we only get to see each other once or twice a year.

I used to shoot out here all the time when I lived in Indiana. The skeletal woods shielding the railroad tracks and the brick-sided buildings of the neighborhood made excellent backdrops. I really miss taking pictures there.

It was wonderful to go back and play with the camera in a familiar place, with the same gear I've had for several years, with old friends. I've improved so much as a photographer since I took my first pictures at this site.



Everyone's doing it. Guess it's my turn.

2009 Retrospective
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2009 was definitely one of my most challenging, rewarding, and backbreaking years. Some of the crucial plot points:

+ I joined Starfish Studios, which taught me the finer details of using monolights and seamless backdrops, and coerced me into making more work this year than I ever have previously. I probably shot between 30,000 and 35,000 images this year. My top-viewed photo on Flickr has had 14,753 hits (as of this morning) since August.

+ By proxy, I did 11 art walk shows, 2 solo art openings, and a month-long group photography show. I shot two weddings. Also, I did not sleep.

+ In May, I lost my "real job" and have freelanced (read: struggled) since. However, as demoralizing as it's been to be on a low income, it's forced me to bust ass and really take the photography and design bull by the horns.

+ This year, I've had work published in the Brazilian Marie Claire, three issues of Filament Magazine, Morbid Outlook, and a steampunk jewelry book. I've started blogging about steampunk fashion weekly at the Steampunk Workshop. I was on television, too, for like, 8 seconds.

+ I met/re-met a plethora of wonderful creative people at the Bay Area Maker Faire. This weekend was probably the most joyous one I had all year.

+ I had three friends hit the emergency room with scimitar wounds, appendicitis, and bike accident injuries, respectively. I've spent way more time than I'd like in nursing homes, doctor's offices, and hospitals. I've been sick constantly.  I've found that I am absolutely wretched at taking care of myself and terrible at remembering that if I don't put myself first I'll be useless at helping others. Figuring out how to adequately care for Libby is a major goal for the new year.

+ I truly learned the value of having a family I chose/an urban tribe. Without the support of my people, both in Bloomington/Seattle meatspace and online, I'd have failed miserably at 2009. I've had to rethink and inject a spirit of DIY into a lot of my relationships. A big thank-you goes out to everyone who brought me crack chai and samosas, came to my shows, defied gender and steampunk conventions, traded YouTube videos, electrocuted me for fun, cooked CSA potlucks with me, hauled frames and hung work, taught me the benefits of non-sexual physical affection, listened to my kvetching late into the night, accepted and discussed non-traditional and non-heteronormative behavior, etc. etc. etc.  Thank you to everyone who believed in me when I doubted myself and my work; thank you to everyone who didn't mock me for obsessing about Lady Gaga or Turkish pop videos or bacon. Thank you for the endless screening and quoting of "Happy in Paraguay". Faxing ham and apple juice to each other has been a high point. I am so proud of all of you guys, and so grateful for you.

Thank you.
Love, Libby

The Trenches, originally uploaded by exoskeletoncabaret.

Back to editing my backlog...I'd like to share a few images I've finished.

Shoot with Jake von Slatt at Starfish Studios, Seattle, WA.
October 2009.

Makeup + hair: Lindsey Watkins
Photography: Libby Bulloff

Shot on the century-old fire escape with half century-old gauze and natural light. Jake is a fantastic sexy grimy dude.


I'm currently nesting in Indiana for a few more days until I head back to the Pacific Northwest to wreak end-of-2009 havoc (read: recover), but I realized I've been doing all my blogging over at the Steampunk Workshop and not attending to this fine joint.

So, here's a wee update as to some of what I've been making, and most of it has been group projects.

Krista Brennan, a friend of a friend, residing in Australia, is an insanely talented illustrator who borrowed some of my photographs as reference for a handful of breathtaking watercolor and ink pieces. Everyone should chuck money and cookies at her for being so darned awesome with the art.

Willow by Krista Brennan

This one is of Willow, using this image from a show we managed for reference.

Chris and Bergen by Krista Brennan

Chris and Bergen, from a photo I took for their engagement.

Libby by Krista Brennan

And yours truly, from a self-portrait. I am in love with the hairdo and the tentacles.

A year ago, I also donated some images to the recently-released Steampunk Style Jewelry: Victorian, Fantasy, and Mechanical Necklaces, Bracelets, and Earrings by Jean Campbell. I haven't received a copy of the book yet, but the Amazon preview stokes my faith that it will be a fine publication (and I get a shout-out on the back cover! yes!).

More fun collaboration to come in the new year. 2010 will be my craziest yet. Happy holidays.